Lady Jersey Gives The Princess A Hard Time

‘After an hour’s wait, the Princess was met at Greenwich by a small deputation which included Lady Jersey, who had been responsible for the delay by not being ready. Upon arrival at Greenwich she criticized the Princess’ dress, and tried, not very kindly, to make improvements. The Princess, who knew more than Malmesbury thought she knew about Lady Jersey, was not pleased. The party then prepared to set out for St. James’s. There was an altercation, as Lady Jersey announced that she could not sit opposite the Princess, since travelling with her back to the horses made her feel ill. Malmesbury, who by this time had had his fill of Lady Jersey, said that in this case she had better sit with him in the second carriage, and an equerry, Mr. Ashton, should travel with the Princess. “This, of course, settled the business,” said Malmesbury. Lady Jersey sat with her back to the horses, as arranged by the King.’[an extract from ‘Prinny’s Daughter: A Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales’ by Thea Home]

caroline and lady jersey


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