Embarrassing Marriage Ceremony

‘But there was no going back. Three days later Princess Caroline waited for her groom at the altar of the Royal Chapel, swaying precariously in an enormous, old – fashioned wedding dress with huge hoops inside it and broad ribbons with preposterously big bows wrapped around the outside – it had been chosen for her by the Queen. Earlier this morning, the Prince had sent one of his brothers, the Duke of Clarence, to tell Mrs Fitzherbert that she was the only woman he would ever love. By the time he reached the chapel, it was obvious to everyone that this time no one kept him from his brandy. He tottered reluctantly up the aisle, supported in every sense of the word by the Dukes of Bedford and Roxburghe.The day ended in a manner that might have been expected. According to the new Princess of Wales, her husband “passed the greatest part of his bridal night under the grate, where he fell, and where I left him”.'[an extract from ‘Charlotte&Leopold’ by James Chambers]

‘The ceremony was conducted by Dr. Moore, Archbishop of Cantenbury, who succeeded in adding to the Prince’s misery by making a lengthy pause after “if either of you know of any cause or impediment”, laying down his prayer book and fixing first the King and then the Prince with a piercing eye. The Prince, already in a highly emotional state, shed tears. One onlooker, Lady Maria Stuart, observed that he looked like death. Another, Lord Malmesbury, noticed that after the ceremony, the bridegroom, though civil and gracious, was “certainly unhappy; and as a proof of it, he manifestly had recourse to wine or spirits”. This was borne out later by the bride, who declared that the Prince spent their wedding night on the floor, with his head in the grate. It was not till morning that sobriety returned sufficiently for him to perform the actions expected of him as a bridegroom.’

[an extract from ‘Prinny’s Daughter: A Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales’ by Thea Home]
Prince of Wales Wedding


Picture comes from the site http://hibiscus-sinensis.com/regency/weddingdress.htm

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