Moving To Warwick House

‘The Prince had by now agreed that Princess Charlotte should live at Lower Lodge, Windsor, and be brought up under her grandfather’s direction; but following another vain attempt at reconciliation with his father, he decided after all to keep her in London. A lengthy correspondence throughout 1805 failed to decide upon a permanent plan for the child’s upbringing. This correspondence, which the King insisted must be conducted through Lord Eldon, the Chancellor, was extremely longwinded and there seemed little likehood of the charming scene visualised by Lord Moira – “the Prince holding one hand [of Princess Charlotte] while the King held the other” – coming true. The only conclusion reached by the end of 1805 was that while the Prince was in London his daughter should live at Warwick House, which adjoined Carlton House, and that she should spend the rest of the year at Windsor, where the King insisted that her mother should be allowed to visit her.The King’s growing attachment to Princess Caroline was now being remarked upon. “Whenever he is in town on a Thursday, instead of dining at the Queen’s House or going back to there, he constantly dines with the Princess at Blackheath and returns late in the evening across the country to Kew.” In fact the whole arrangement was unsatisfactory to the Prince, who was outraged when he learned that the £ 5,000 a year allotted to him for Princess Charlotte’s education was now to be deducted if the King took over.As the Prince had enjoyed making lists of Rules for the Nursery, so the King now settled down to make lists of persons whom he considered suitable instructors for his granddaughter. “She must,” he said, “both day and night be constantly under the eyes of responsible persons,’ and one as a vision of the lively child hemmed in by large shadowy figures.’

[an extract from ‘Prinny’s Daughter: A Biography of Princess Charlotte of Wales’ by Thea Home]

 king george charlotte and the prince of wales

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