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All The New People

‘The move to Warwick House was made all the more traumatic for Princess Charlotte by the fact that she had only recently acquired a completely new staff of governesses and senior tutors.Indeed, there were only two members of her entire househol who had been with her for any length of time at Carlton House. One was her personal maid, worthy Mrs Louis, the German widow of a British soldier. The other was her dresser, pretty Mrs Gagarin, who had innocently contracted a bigamous marriage with a Russian aristocrat and kept his name, although not his title, when she left him soon after. Inevitably, in the circumstances, the little Princess was on what some saw as inappropriately intimate terms with these two, and their mutual devotion was to continue for the rest of their lives.’
[an extract from ‘Charlotte&Leopold’ by James Chambers]
Picture: Warwick House, aquatint from Ackerman’s Repository of Arts, 1811 (picture from the page http://www.georgianindex.net/Prn_Charlotte/P_Charlotte.html)