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Mrs Campbell

‘Apart from Dr Nott, there were two other sub – preceptors, who came in as he did to teach English literature, French, German and modern history; and there were masters for music, dancing, drawing and writing. The only resident members of Charlotte’s tutorial staff were two widows who acted as sub – governesses, Mrs Campbell, whose husband had been a Governor of Bermuda, and Mrs Udney, whose husband, according to the Prince of Wales, had been the ugliest man he ever saw.

Mrs Campbell was small, angular and argumentative. Unknown to the Prince of Wales, who affected support for the Whig opposition, she was also, like Dr Fisher, a high Tory. But she was intelligent and strong – willed. As a governess she was strict but fair, and Charlotte respected her for that. Before long the Princess was announcing poignantly that Mrs Campbell and Dr Nott were her adopted parents.

[an extract from ‘Charlotte&Leopold’ by James Chambers]


Picture: A plaque in the memory of Mrs Campbell’s late husband on the right wall of St. Peter’s Church in Bermuda taken from the page http://www.bermuda-online.org/history1700-1799.htm