Childhood (1796 – 1805)


Marriage For Money

Restrictions Imposed By Royal Marriages Act

Already Married?

Enters Lady Jersey

Two Cousins

Two Scheming Ladies

Shock On The Brunswick Court

Interrupted Journey

Lady Jersey Gives The Princess A Hard Time

Marriage Doomed Before It Even Began

Embarrassing Marriage Ceremony

Bitter Honeymoon

Pregnancy Changes All

Waiting For The Heir

Charlotte Is Born

Bad Fairy At The Christening

Parents Living Separate Lives

Exchange of Letters

Parental Arguments Continue

So Much For The Marriage

The Princess Just Wanna Have Fun

Enough Is Enough

Who Cares For The Heiress Presumptive At All?

The Princess And Her Child Make Quite An Impression

Royal Nursery: Lady Dashwood

Royal Nursery: Miss Frances Garth

Royal Nursery: Mrs. Bowers

Royal Nursery: Countess of Elgin

Royal Nursery: Miss Hayman

Father Does Not Care and Mother Shows Off

Charlotte And Her Family

Miss Hayman Leaves

Lady Elgin Doesn’t Like Princess of Wales And Charlotte Loves Performing

The Visit of Miss Hannah More

An Unexpected Invitation To The Windsor Castle

The King Falls Into Madness Again

‘Miss Charlotte and Miss Annie’

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