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Remember the verse, not the hand that wrote it (Dead Boy’s Poem, Nightwish) so you only need to know that I am a linguist and my mother tongue is the language of myths, legends&symbols.

If, however, you want to find out more about me, here is my personal blog, my profile on Google + and my Twitter account.

I am also a card reader, if you or any of your friends&family have doubts about your future, you can arrange a reading with me.



4 responses to “About Me

  1. If you haven’t seen it, the first part of this book is about Charlotte’s clothing; the second part about Queen Victoria’s clothing. Through the nineteenth century by way of the wardrobe. I found the book to be a page turner.


  2. Hi,. You may be interested to know that the 1980’s BBC series Prince Regent has finally been released on DVD. The series stars Peter Egan as Prinney, Susannah York as Maria Fitzherbert , Nigel Davenport as George 111. Princess Charlotte is played as a child by Patsy Kensit and by Cherie Lungi as an adult. The DVD is available on Amazon. All the best.

    • Thank you, I didn’t know that! So far the only film about the Georgian times I knew was The Madness of King George with Nigel Hawthorne in the title role and Helen Mirren as Queen Charlotte. Thank you again, I’ll post this information on the FB page if you don’t mind.

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