Adulthood (1811 – 1814)

The Prince of Wales Becomes Regent

Prince Regent Doesn’t Care About ‘His True Wife’ Anymore

Prince Regent Doesn’t Care About His Legally Wedded Wife Either

Prince Regent Has An Ambiguous Attitude To His Daughter

Prince Regents Wants To Keep Charlotte In Hiding

Charlotte Meets Her Maternal Uncle

Charlotte Befriends Mercer Elphinstone

Miss Cornelia Knight Becomes Charlotte’s Lady Companion

Charlotte Has To Bear The Duchess Of Leeds And Her Daughter

Charlotte Races With George FitzClarence

Charlotte Spends Time With Charles Hesse

‘Those Dreaded Letters’

A Visit In Oatlands

Charlotte Meets Sir William Drummond

Charlotte’s Lamentable Dinner With Her Father

A Day At The Opera

Family Politics

Charlotte’s Loyalty To Mercer Elphinstone

Mother Uses Charlotte As Her Pawn

Charlotte In The Eyes of Contemporary People

Charlotte’s First Opening Of The Parliament

Charlotte’s First Ball

The Prince Regent Is Becoming More And More Suspicious

The Chance For Freedom Is Coming

The Dutch Marriage Plans

An Unfortunate Dinner In Sandhurst

Charlotte’s Conversation With Princess Mary